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Something about your literature review

Writing a literary review actually provides a good opportunity for everyone to describe their opinion and attitude to a particular topic, perhaps it may be disagreement with this topic. A literary review should not just consist of a set of different information, but also show a specific study and analysis of a specific topic. Having recently written a review about the works of director Christopher Nolan, I was amazed because I was able to discover seemingly ordinary topics and concepts from a completely different side. The topic was to study the concept of time, so the director became an excellent example for analysis because he is famous for his well-known use of time manipulation in films. It was actually a great experience, as I was able to discover and explore a lot of new things while writing. In fact, it was a complete pleasure to write it, because earlier studying philosophy, psychology and linguistics greatly facilitated the process of writing the work itself. This means that awareness of the topic of writing a paper gives its advantage it makes it easier to analyze the current issue. First of all, it was important to define the purpose of writing in order to achieve it as a result. In order to facilitate the writing of the work in general, I decided to come up with a plan of what exactly I would like to tell in each of the sections, in fact, it helped me a lot because without a plan it would be much harder to write. So, having prepared subtopics, even in the process of already researching something, I could immediately prepare information for another chapter. At the very beginning, I highlighted and introduced the reader to what will be described and general information about the genre, briefly about the producer himself, his work. So, I have revealed the most important points, from which the reader can already understand what will happen next. Furthermore, it was possible to consider the concept of time, its understanding by philosophers, writers, artists, and consider its various interpretations. Moreover, the use and demonstration of the concept in Nolan’s films. That is, I managed to provide the reader with specific films, analyze what exactly united all the films of the director except for the concept of time, as well as describe characters, facts, arguments, evidence from sources that I was looking for in various magazines, articles, interviews, books and other reviews. Just searching the information and analyzing it, I combined everything already in my own review. I think I succeeded because there is a common mistake when writing too detailed description of a certain event or even the same plot, which is actually wrong. After all, it makes the review uninteresting and boring. Therefore, you should always choose the most important thing that will be informative and important in the analysis. In conclusion, I made my own statement, with which I agreed, perhaps with what not, my new knowledge while considering the topic, what I received as a result and what I discovered. In this part, I managed to summarize essentially my introductory part and draw conclusions about the relevance of the topic, as well as whether I achieved the goal, how I did it, and what I used to achieve the result. At all briefly and specifically about the most important thing. The most important thing was the search for relevant official information, the use of scientific first sources, official quotes or statements of people on this issue. It was also mandatory to follow grammatical forms, lexical, use of correctly selected phrases and examples, which also showed the level of the work itself because working with errors will immediately bring a negative impression to the reader and may even distract him. I think for every review writing is an interesting and exciting process, because, during it, you can learn and learn something new for yourself. It is also a great opportunity to share your observations and knowledge with others, which will help others in the future when considering a particular topic.

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